Bakpia Pathok, the Most Wanted Snack of Yogyakarta

Tempted to taste the sweet snack, the icon of Yogyakarta? You must come to the central of Bakpia in the central of Yogyakarta city.


Talking about Yogyakarta, what comes in mind are Yogyakarta as a paradise of tourism destinations and the icons of this city. One of the icons which has been widely known is the one and only sweet snack of Yogyakarta. Discussing about bakpia pathok, it is named so since it is made in Pathok village, the first village which found the recipe and how to make bakpia pathok. Bakpia is small, round-shaped Indonesian sweet rolls that generally stuffed with mung beans.

The unique thing when people visit bakpia central in Pathok village is people can directly go to Pathok to buy bakpia for gift because the price is cheaper. Moreover, you can choose your favorite bakpia from various flavors available while seeing the process of making bakpia.


Bakpia Pathok is located at  KS. Tubun Street, next to Malioboro Street.

What to Buy

Pathok village is the central of gift stores which sell various kinds of snacks, foods, originally from Yogyakarta and the surrounding areas, from different brands and in various flavor. For bakpia pathok itself, there are few brands that are well-known for its taste and flavor, such as, Bakpia Pathok 25, Bakpia Pathok 75, Bakpia Djava, and many more. The original filling of bakpia is mung bean, but, today, the flavor has come with other fillings as well, such as black beans, chocolate, cheese, and the new innovation is purple yam. People can prefer what they like.

Visitors Info

There is a tip if you are in Pathuk area. There are some illegal liaison persons who welcome you and offer you some products. You are not suggested to use their service since the products they offer are more expensive. For bakpia pathok itself, the range of the price is around Rp 20,000 until Rp 30,000 depends on the fillings and brands. Have yourself a comfortable way for shopping and buying some for people you care about gifts when visiting Yogyakarta.

How to Get There

To reach the central of bakpia in Pathok village which is precisely located at KS Tubun Street, there are some alternatives of transportation. You can take city bus line 11. Stop at Pathok T-junction and take a walk to eastward. You can also take a cab or a pedicab if you depart from around Malioboro.


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