Malioboro, Economic Zone in the heart of the city




There are no Yogya people who would not recognize when we mention the word Malioboro. Everybody who visits Yogya is familiar with the place. Malioboro becomes a must-visited place when we come to Yogya. Malioboro is one street in Yogya which fulfilled with street vendors and many shops selling various items. There is also a group of street artist who performs to entertain the passersby. Malioboro becomes the central of economic where many people depends their life. Starting from street vendors, pedicab driver, horse carriage driver, shopkeeper, street singers and parking men are all taking parts on the life in Malioboro.


 Malioboro is located between Ahmad Yani Street and Mangkubumi Street.

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What to See & Do

The name Malioboro was taken from a British colonial named Marlborough who colonized Yogyakarta in 1811-1816 AD. The development of this area was meant to rival the existence of the Palace located in the south of Malioboro. It is proven by the built of big buildings such as Vredeburg Fort (built in 1765), Gedung Agung (the Presidential Residence of Yogyakarta; built in 1832), Beringharjo market, Garuda Hotel, and shopping complex in Malioboro.

Lesehan-MalioboroAs the time goes by, this area is developing into bigger economic zone. In order to shop in the street vendors, your ability in bargaining is highly needed. If you are not good at bargaining, you will get everything in an expensive price. The average selling price is more less half or 50% from the price offered. Meanwhile, when you do shopping in big store, there is no need to bargain because the price is fixed. At night, approximately after 9 pm, the street change into a culinary area which becomes the signature of Malioboro at night called Lesehan (sitting on the floor and eat). To accompany you during your dinner the street singers will sing you songs.

It is said that Malioboro is a street that never sleeps. There are so many activities done in this area. From before dawn there already people who do their activity especially the sellers in Beringharjo market who offers you various items to buy. For you who want to experience riding the traditional transportation, you can try to ride pedicab or horse cart. The friendly driver will take you to wherever you want from the souvenirs shop until the tourist objects nearby.

Visitors Infojogja old time

·         Malioboro is the center of Yogya city. You can choose to stay at hotels available in the street to enjoy the atmosphere more.

·         Various chose of staying are available. There are home stays to five star hotel that you can choose.

How to Get There

·        By public transport:Trans Jogja route 3A and 3B

·     By private vehicles: Malioboro is the center of Yogyakarta city. It can be reached from every direction in Yogya.

Nearest Places: Yogya Royal Palace, Tugu, Sasana Wiratama Museum

Nearest Hotels: Amaris Hotel Yogyakarta, Novotel Yogyakarta Hotel, Adya Nalendra Boutique Hotel



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