Tiwul; the Favorite Traditional Food from Gunung Kidul


Do you want to taste an alternative food made from cassava? Nowadays we can find so many varieties of this. However, the most famous one now is tiwul.


Tiwul is a traditional food from Gunung Kidul. It is an alternative food as the substitute of rice. When there is no rice in Gunung Kidul, the people of Gunung Kidul tend to have tiwul for their main course.

Gunung Kidul is well known as a barren land. It is because of rocks are the most dominant composition in the soil layer. People of Gunung Kidul then try another kind of plants. The most common one is cassava. They then make cassava to be something for their main course. Tiwul had been become an alternative food to replace rice.tiwul and chilly curry

People make tiwul from cassava by drain it in sun light. Then they make it into flour. People named it gaplek. To make it into tiwul, glapek need to be mixed with some little water. After it is mixed, some people add grated palm sugar to make it sweet or some other add salt to have savory taste. They then steam it. After 15 – 20 minutes, the tiwul is ready.

There are some ways to enjoy tiwul. If the tiwul is sweet, people tend to add some grated coconut before eat it. If it is savory, then people of Gunung Kidul tend to have it with sayur lombok (Curry with the addition of tempe and green chilies).

Nowadays tiwul becomes so popular, because the taste of it. If you interested in tasting tiwul, you can buy gaplek and make it in your home. We can easily find gaplek, or if you want to make it simpler, just buy tiwul instant.


You can buy tiwul in traditional markets in Wonosari or you can find the most famous tiwul instant Yu Tum in JI. Pramuka No. 36. Wonosari Gunungkidul, or you can contact it in (0274) 7889300 – 081328741792.

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Visitors Info

  • If you are interested in buying tiwul, then you can have it from Rp. 5,000.00 – Rp. 15,000.00 for small package. If you want to have tumpeng tiwul (tiwul in cone-shape), it is Rp. 45,000.00.

How to Get There

  • Public Transportation: You can take bus from bus terminal in Giwangan to Wonosari.
  • Private vehicle: You can drive directly to Wonosari.

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