Dirgantara Mandala: the Air Force Museum in Yogyakarta



This museum is known as Dirgantara museum. It occupies more less 5 hectare area with 7,600 meter square building. This museum is the biggest and has most complete collection which reveals the history of the air force existence in Indonesia. The museum formerly located in Air Command Base V in Tanah Abang Bukit Street, Jakarta and was officially opened in 4 April 1969 by the Air force commander, Roesmin Noerjadin. However, considering that Yogyakarta has many important role towards the development of the Air Force also used as the training center by the Air Force’s cadets, the museum was moved to Yogyakarta and combined with AAU’s Ksatrian Museum (AAU: Air Force Academy). In 29 June 1978 coincide with the celebration of The National Army of Indonesia’s Air Force’s Hari Bhakti this museum is officiated by the Air Chief Marshall Ashadi Tjahjadi and become The National Army of Indonesia’s Air Force Center Museum, Dirgantara Mandala.

From time to time, the collections of the museum are increasing and make the museum unable to keep all the collections. The museum is moved to a warehouse ex of a sugar factory in Wonocatur, still in the Adisucipto air base complex. During the Japanese colonization, the warehouse was used as a place for keeping weapons and plane hangar. The place is officially opened by The National Army’s Air Chief Marshall Sukardi in 29 July 1984.


The location of the museum is in Kolonel Sugiono Street, Adi Sucipto airbase complex, 10 km to the east of the center of the city or the east of Janti flyover.

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What to See & Do

The collections of the museum have reached thousand in amount. For example the alutsista (the main tools of weapon’s system) which consist of various kinds of plane models, radio-transmitter and radar, the National Army of Indonesia Air Force uniforms, diorama, picture collection, etc. Entering the yard of the museum we will be welcomed by the A4-E Skyhawk combat aircraft in front of the museum. This is the newest collection of the museum. The Air Force has 37 units of this plane until 2003. It is then replaced by the Sukhoi type Su-27SK and Su-30MK.

Because there are many collections in the museum, it is divided into seven different rooms. There are the Main Room, the Chronological Room I, the Chronological Room II, the Alutsista Room, the Paskhas Room, the Diorama Room and the Dirgantara’s Interest Room.


Entering the museum’s building there are four statues of the Air Force’s pioneers. They are the Young Air Chief Marshall Posthumous Agustinus Adisucipto, the Young Air Chief Marshall Posthumous Prof. Dr. Abdulrachman Saleh, the Young Air Chief Marshall Posthumous Abdul Halim Perdana Kusuma and the Young Air Chief Marshall Posthumous Iswahjudi. Next, in the Chronological Room I you can see many photos and learn about the creation of Indonesia’s Air Force. For example the information about the first flight of Merah Putih plane on 27 October 1945, the Museum-Dirgantara-patung-300x212establishment of the first aviation school in Maguwo on 7 November 1945 led by A. Adisucipto, Operation Seroja, the establishment of the National Army of Indonesia’s Air Force, etc. The next room is Paskhas Room which contains the collection of uniforms worn by the Air Force.

The most impressing room is the Alutsista IRoom where we can see some of planes used by the Air Force such as P51 Mustang made by America which was very famous, the English Vampire type DH-115 which was the first jet flown by the First Air force Lieutenant Leo Wattimena in 1956. The most important of all is the replica of Dakota C-47 which was shot by the Dutch in Ngotho area and killed our pioneers of Air Force.

Admission Fee & Visitors Info

  • The museum opens Sunday to Thursday at 8am-1pm and Friday to Sunday at 8am-12pm. The museum is closed every Monday and national

  • The entrance ticket costs IDR 3,000 per person.

  • All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

How to Get There

  • By public transport: Take a city bus line 7 and get off before Angkasa Elementary School. The museum is within a walking distance. Or you can take Trans Jogja line 1A or 1B. Get off at Janti shelter under the fly over. The museum s 500 meters away. You can take ojek (motorcycle cab) or pedicab to take you to the museum.

  • By private vehicles:Departed from Yogya downtown, go eastward heading for the direction to Airport.

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