Sadranan Beach, a Companion that can not be Ignored

Find a great place for sun-bathing? Here, I’ve got a recommended place for you, Travelers!


Still in the area of Krakal beach, located in the east side of Krakal beach, you can find another beautiful beach, namely Sadranan beach, directly side by side with Krakal on the west side and Ngandong beach on the east side. Even this beach is not well-known as well as other famous beaches, but it offers beauty of the nature.

The name of Sadranan itself was taken from one of locals traditions that the locals often do. It is a ritual ceremony called Nyadran. This ritual is an annual event, held at certain times. Because of its beauty, this beach also is a right place to have a photography session for pra-wedding.

This beach is 70 kilometers from Yogyakarta. Along the way, you will pass a curvy and hilly road with a fine view. Your 2 hours-trip from Yogyakarta will be paid off when you get into the beach. The blue sea and the white sand, the clean sky with the white clouds are the most perfect combination of amazing view to see.


Sadranan Beach is located on Ngestirejo Village, Tanjungsari Sub-district. It is about 3 kilometers away in the east of Baron-Kukup-Sepanjang-Drini beach junction.

What to Do

Since Sadranan is a kind of beach with its coral reefs and green lime hill, like other beaches in Gunung Kidul, it is a comfortable place to visit. The frame in Sadranan Beach will be filled with the view of scratching white hill with blue slopes that are gently jutted to the sea. The coral reefs can calm the swells down when they crash to the reefs so the swell can be enjoyed peacefully. The beauty of the green lime-scratching hill with the blue seawater is a perfect harmony to view which is very natural. It is a great and an ideal place for sun-bathing.

The facilities offered in this beach are growing. You can find restaurants which offer various foods and beverages, and also several toilets so you can wash your body after enjoying the sea in the seashore. There are also motels for anyone who wants to stay over the night, near Krakal beach which is not far from this beach, only a half kilometer distant.

Admission Fee & Visitor’s Info

There is cost for the entry tickets. It is IDR 3,000.

How to Get There

If you want to go to Sadranan Beach, you can go there by taking public transportation. You can take a bus from Yogyakarta to Wonosari bus station, and then change to minibus that goes to Krakal beach. For your information, there are still limited buses that go to this place (Krakal/Sadranan beach). Therefore, it is more comfortable if you go there by taking two-wheeled or four-wheeled private vehicles.

The location of this beach is easy to find. You just need to direct your vehicles to the eastward from Krakal beach then follow the sign board that easily found along the way so you will not get lost when doing ahead to this beach. From the entrance, you need to go further. The link between the road and Sadranan beach is a rocky and dirt road.


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Nearest Places: Sarangan Beach, Baron Beach

Nearest Hotels: Satya Nugraha, Puri Chorus Hotel

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